Samantha Fish Concert

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Samantha Fish Live CDP

Samantha Fish Concert out with my wife Yaritza in Stuart, Florida at the Terra Fermata. Samantha has such a soulful and emotional blues voice that’s coupled perfectly with an insane blues/rock guitar, her sound is hard and heavy but technical like a musical demolitions​ expert! This video is filmed on a shaky cell phone camera and with scratchy peaked out audio, so try and look past all that, it’s all I had that night. However it’s just a quick sampling of Samantha Fish’s music, so you can develop an interest and go search out some much higher quality videos of hers, if your musical tastes includes REALLY GOOD freaking music then your in great hands with Samantha Fish, check her out!

The Terra Fermata is such an awesome venue, great for concerts. All outdoors under the stars and with their kool retro lights hanging just above. They’re the gnarliest wine and beer event hangout spot in the Treasure Coast. The seating is tiki huts, kool rocking chairs, and hand crafted chairs of various designs, there’s even the dopest couch’s up front by the stage. Such a groovy spot to chill and hear amazing music that sticks in your head for days after you leave, just like these Samantha Fish songs I’m hearing in my head at this very moment.










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