Gold Dust Logo Design

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Gold Dust Logo Design

Gold Dust Logo

The Gold Dust band in Covington, Georgia offered me the opportunity to design their new band logo. Since first thinking of the logo I knew I wanted to create it in 3D, using Cinema 4D to create a 3D Logo that can later be animated and brought to life however I want. As their site describes, Gold Dust is “a 4 piece cover band playing a big variety of music including Classic Country, Classic Rock, Oldies with a little Bluegrass and Blues thrown in.” Initially there was a direction I wanted to go with this logo, really a way I thought it should be approached since they’re such a versatile band with a great variety of live music, I needed to design and logo that represents not only their name but the live music as well.

I started with a couple sketches in my note book just to get some ideas going, I always start with the pencil and end with the pixel. Right Away I knew I wanted the G to connect to the D, and after about 20 sketches I found the perfect way to hook them up.

Gold Dust Sketch

The bottom front part of the G connects perfectly against the top left of the D, over and over I sketched it out just this way and it came out like it was made just that way. Then it hit me, the capital D is the beginning of the body of a guitar. Adding in the curves of the body, stretching out a neck with gold frets and tuning knobs. After just a couple sketches on this idea and I was convinced this was it, and on to cinema 4D to bring the Gold Dust logo to life in animation. The logo came out just as I sketched it, and now it was all up to whether or not the band liked it. I sent the logo out with some of my sketches and few other logo ideas I had worked on and it came back unanimously, just as I had felt the 3D GD-Guitar logo was a hit. This was a fun logo to work on, and it really feels I captured and branded the Gold Dust band with a perfect 3D Business Logo.

Gold Dust Flyer

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Gold Dust 3D Logo

Gold Dust Logo Design

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Graphic Design by Concepts Designs

Photography by Concepts Photography

Videography by Concepts Photography

Videography by Concepts

Photography by Concepts Photography

Photography by Brian Lee Adams

Photography and Graphic Design by Brian Lee Adams

Graphic Design and Photography by Brian Lee Adams

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