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Dalis Sweet 16 PortraitsI met with Dalis Palomino at the Port Saint Lucie Civic Center back in October, just a few days before Halloween on the 28th of 2016. It was a great photoshoot, taking pictures on the grounds, and not so much around the actual Civic Center. From a photography standpoint there is just perfect immense open space and paired with some awesome background opportunities, so we took full advantage. Before leaving to our second location, Joe Korecki of One Concept Films came by and filmed some aerial drone shots of Dalis waving goodbye, that you can see at the end of the highlight video. Leaving the Civic Center behind, we moved over to the Veterans Memorial Park water walk-way. Another alluring and really creative place I love capturing. The photo shoot came out great, we timed it just right to capture the last half hour of sunlight, and even upon setting there was still so much light left in the sky, we was able to get in a few more pictures. I would say this photoshoot with Dalis, was some of my favorite photography experiences of that entire year.

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Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits by Concepts Photography

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits80

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits89

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits12

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits47

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits66

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits77

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits84

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits19

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Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits54

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits56

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Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits14

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits70

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits77

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Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits74

Dalis Sweet 16 Portraits50

PhotoVideo Slideshow themed for Dalis’s NYC Sweet 16

Dalis Sweet 16 NYC Video from Brian Concepts on Vimeo.

Also please check out the Sweet 16 Highlight Video by Concepts Designs and Photography

Dalis Palomino's Sweet 16 from Brian Concepts on Vimeo.

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Graphic Design by Concepts Designs

Photography by Concepts Photography

Videography by Concepts Photography

Videography by Concepts

Photography by Concepts Photography

Photography by Brian Lee Adams

Photography and Graphic Design by Brian Lee Adams

Graphic Design and Photography by Brian Lee Adams

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