Amys Billiards

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Amys Billiards
The Amys Billiards Web Commercial, filmed and edited by One Concept Films. Behind the scenes photography by Concepts Photography in Stuart Florida, 34994
October 3rd, 2011. This was in the top ten of very first commercials OCF filmed. A local pool hall that I personally enjoy going too, and Amy is the nicest, makes it a great place to go play pool. I talked to Amy about filming a commercial for her business to help her advertise and bring more and new customers to Amys Billiards. Amy agreed to the video idea and storyboard, and we set a date for filming. I put out a post on my site looking for extras and received a bunch of confirmations. The beginning is the entrance and walk over to the virtual jukebox, with Gada, Geffrey, and his Girlfriend. Then over to pick up the balls and some beers with my little brother Chris and model who I always love to work with Samy. Using Chris and Samy for breaking and a few shots, then filmed Boogie, and Jay Dot shooting specific shots that I had the camera angled just right to capture each shot. I used one of my favorite movies for reference and influence “The Hustler”, awesome pool hall movie, loved how they filmed that movie. Last I finished with the outside shot in front of the business and placed the business address. For a commercial filmed in 2011 this was a great learning path for me, I love watching to see where I’ve come and what I’ve learned, and again how much I’ll have learned in 8 more years from now.












Amys Billiards

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Graphic Design by Concepts Designs

Photography by Concepts Photography

Videography by Concepts Photography

Videography by Concepts

Photography by Concepts Photography

Photography by Brian Lee Adams

Photography and Graphic Design by Brian Lee Adams

Graphic Design and Photography by Brian Lee Adams

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